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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yahoo! LAUCHCAST ki jai

Proabably I am the last the last guy to discover Yahoo!'s LAUCHCast. "Better late than never"- somebody once said.
It is a great(brilliant, super, super-duper) way to enjoy and discover new music. Not to mention legally! 'Yahoo!' lets you choose the music station by genre or themes (Oldies, At work, Coffee house., to name a few). Info about the band, album reviews etc., are just a click away. It can be accessed either through Yahoo!'s latest yahoo messenger with voice or by going here.

I got hooked, so should you!

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Chandan R said...

Yes, Yahoo! LAUNCHCast is great and am currently hooked on to it. No hassles with firewall and its blocking ports. Is there a way to access it from Linux? I really don't understand whats stopping Yahoo! from releasing one for Linux.