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Monday, March 20, 2006

poto blag caming soon!

It has always been my dream to develop a hobby of photography. Thanks to Rohan and Sathish who have agreed to get the cam from the US, the land of freedom and place-to-import-good-electronic-gadgets.
BTW my weeks of research has lead me to a few websites which review digicams and offer resonably good price for the camera.
Here are the links
a) Steve's Digicams - Balanced reviews, does not favour any particular brand.
b) Digital Photography Review - More detailed info on the cam.
c) Finally, the manufacturer's page: For me it was canon

PS:Canon seems to be the undisputed leader with close competetion from Nikon.
Free Quote:
If you want your camera to look good get a Sony. If you want your pictures to look good get a Canon.


Lalbadshah said...

uve been tagged.

Anonymous said...

[Hrmph! I just submitted a comment, and it doesnt seem to appear. Ignore this if the earlier comment reappears later somehow.]

Dude, is it possible to buy this stuff online and have them shipped? Or does shipping cost too much/its unreliable?

Yea, and congrats. :-). It looks great!

Clickr said...

Congratz to you on OSU. Thats GREAT stuff!
[In classic KREC style] --> When are we getting treated for it?

It is better if you can ask someone to pick it up for you, else you will have to pay the duties for shipping overseas. But, arent you yourself going! is a great store, have got good reviews for it.
Anyways, I would have had to cough up and extra 10,000 Rs if I had bought it in India.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man. :-). Well, we can put the treat when I come to B'lore sometime after I've booked my visa date. The rate at which things are moving currently, that might well take another month.

About the camera, I thought I might as well buy it now if it was possible. BuyDig says they dont accept international orders, and amazon doesnt accept too for cameras..

Rohan said...

hey, u stole my quote! :-D