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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Faith and bollywood

I love to watch movies. I have watched lots of them. Only criteria being I should understand the language or the movie has sub-titles. All through my childhood none of the Saturday and Sunday movies, telecast on DD were missed. As time progressed I began to rapidly loose interest in Hindi movies. Part of the reason being the bad (no, pathetic) quality of movies being made. And time and again this belief has been reinforced. I have repeatedly given chances 'Mohabbatein', 'Yaadein', 'Baghban', and more recently 'Shikar'.. , they have left me scarred. It is not that I expect every movie to be a master-piece. Even a simple, watchable story would do. But, some of these movies lack the basics of my perception of a movie. Some even lack a plot, casting is done based on popularity rather than aptness and some that even try to be intensly emotional. I have read about a movie called 'Khel', which introduced Ajay Jadeja (yes, our very own traitor) on to the Silver screen. The scenes involving Mr. Ajay Jadeja had to be re-shot since the emotional scenes had apparently turned into unintentional comedy.
Nagesh kukunoor has been doing a great job recently. Not to forget the great Satyajit Ray. Manoj Shyamalan and Shekar Kapoor have proved their talent.
We are a great country, we got hajjar talent, we have the best diversity. One Billion people cant be wrong!

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