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Thursday, December 15, 2005

My friend, Bach!

Bach is the assumed pen name of my friend. I pronounce it as b-ch. Yes, it rhymes with beach, peach, patch, etc,etc., as me and chintu discovered there is a deeper meaning to it. I would not have discovered it if not for the pre-lunch tantrums thrown by chintu, which has direct consequences on my direction of thought and its quality.
Although Bach never misses any opportunity to show his apparent distaste for Microsoft. He secretly admires Microsoft. Bach is directly linked to batch-processing and batch file of Windows/DOS (oops MS-DOS). Also, another thread of thought reported he might be/worship Batman ( recall batch files are named .bat). Considering a lateral thought it might have the other way around.

PS: With sincere inputs from Rohan.Chintu, by the way, is my stomach.

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