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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sunny days

I like riding in the mornings. No traffic, No pollution, No cops, No rules, No limits. The chill in the air makes your feet numb. Also, it gives you an illusion that you are listening to your mom/sis/girl/any-other-well-wisher's words, who has been pestering you to go jogging in the morning to reduce the growing-by-the minute tummy. This is the same as jogging except that you have to move less and loose a lot less calories. Although I am riding to work on a Sunday, I feel great. Please do not misunderstand me, I am not so enthu about working on Sundays for proof look here. The only reason I was there was to get the hell out of there. Let me explain, I GOT A NEW JOB. Yes, I GOT A NEW JOB.
The pay is good the company is better (atleast my perception says so). I am very thrilled. But, the only thing that stands in my way is kekada my ever pestering lead and who also mentioned, in his attempt to convice me to stay back, "Although it (current job) not suitable for comp grads,was the best in the industry". Only after making this statement did he ask if was one. BTW I am a comp grad :-D.
My manager has been looking at me funny since I told her about my decision to leave this organisation. My senior told me she was doing so because it was all that she could do. ;-)
Anyways I did get out of office in under two hours, I used a hack to get to the "solution".
BTW Kaadu has not yet gotten any work! It has been three months. His lead derives sarcastic pleasure by making him redo the project done at training. Kaadu's CAT dreams hit a new low when he got a seat in the same cubicle as Dileep, whats even more tragic is Dileep was preping for CAT himself, even using the same material as Kaadu does. Fate is probably singing in a devilish tone "And another one gone and another one gone, Another one bites the dust". Owing to all this frustration Kaadu sent threatening messages to some of us "you bastards! Have u forgotten me , we have to meet up, else..." ;-D