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Monday, February 27, 2006

One word!

I visited this site. A random word is generated and you are supposed to write whatever you want about the same in a minute. This is what I had to say about "Aimless".
Aimless Aimless, where do I want to go,
Here there never know for sure,
Mom, said I would know where,
I am now Aimless, I here voices in my head shoutin "Shameless, Shameless!"

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What do you think of that?

In case you do not know who this is and who the hell put up a poster referring to him as God, don't bother. For those who want to know here goes; This is James Gosling, a god for many, and devil to some in the software universe. He created 'Emacs' a WYSIYG test editor, contributed greatly to the multi-processor version of UNIX. More importantly he was one of the forces behind Java. He wrote the original virtual machine and compiler almost all by himself. Java has grown out of its programming language costume into a technology.For many developers, like myself, it is providing our bread.

PS: This was a poster at the Sun Tech days recently concluded at Chennai.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Convocation 2006 cancelled!

I was very dissapointed to read this. Thanks to the so-called profs, deans, directors or whatever you would want people to call you. Although I was not exactly dreaming about attending the convocation ( like in Five point someone1 ). After all numerous bitter experiences 2 with my department I don't think any of my class-mates wanted to attend the ceremony except for the reason that it would have given us a chance to catch up, thanks to the software industry not many of us have kept in touch. Towards the end of last year I had contacted our college regarding the convo, all they had to say was, "The current Director does not have the power to reward degrees, since he is just an 'Acting' Director"

The story actually starts when the Congress came into power at the center. One of the agenda's of the government was de-safrronisation. 17 directors, appointed by BJP, of various NITs (formerly RECs) were sacked in the process. Thus one of the faculty used his muscle to get the covetted Director's post of our college, who is called 'Acting' because he is not officially appointed by the HRD Ministry. We poor students, are frustrated!
Inspite of collecting the expenses from us, the faculty has denied us the ceremony we deserve. It is not everyday that you graduate from an engineering college. This is certainly unacceptable for an institute that was ranked 6th in India.

Our ex-director had put a program in motion to try and get alumni funds for the development of the college and its facilities. They can forget about getting even a buck from me!

1:Surprisingly people have cast serious doubts on the intellectual ability of Mr Chetan Bhagat after his new book One night at a call center was published.
2: I have a draft for this story that dates back a few months, hopefully I will get time to complete it.

What does ABCD stand for ?

Found two of them on the net. Check it out.

America Based Confused Desi Escaped From Gujarat; Housed In Jersey;
Keeping Lotsa' Motels Named Omkarnath Patel; Quickly Reached Success
Through Underhanded Vicious Ways; Xenophobic Yet Zealous

American Born Confused Desi, Emigrated From Gujarat, Housed In Jersey,
Keeping Lotsa Motels, Named Omkarnath Patel, Quickly Reached Success
Through Underhanded Vicious Ways, Xenophobic Yet Zestful.