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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

If you were among the tiny trickle of people who visit my blog and of them if you were among the tiny trickle who read one of my previous posts , you will be relieved to know that I am back with two bangs. Two! Yes, two in the span of eight days I have been in two biggest accidents of my life.
                 Myself, C and a few close friends had been to Mekedatu, a small gorge on the Kaveri river, located 96 Kms from Bangalore. We returned at about 5:00 PM and started on our way back home. We reached the Jakkasandra junction, just after Koramangala on the Sarjapur Road, and proceeded after a slight delay due to an altercation between an auto-rickshaw driver and the motorist who got bumped by the rickshaw. If you have ever taken a ride on the Bangalore roads, it would come as no surprise to you that the roads are filled with umpteen number of useless but large speed-breakers. As we gently rode over one of them on the Sarjarpur road, a 12 year old kid, on a cycle as tall as himself, riding along my right side suddenly decided to see what the under side of my bike looked like and took a sharp turn to the left. Unfortunately for him my front brakes seemed to slam on their own and crashed on to my right with the weight of the bike on my right leg, and C just launched a few feet away from the bike. Folks came by and lifted me and the 150Kg bike off my leg. The boy got up and came over to contest his innocence, claiming I hit him from behind without any reason. Before I said a word the by-standers were blessed with enough common sense to understand who was in the wrong and sent the boy home with a knock on his hollow head. C and myself received good medicle care from our beloved doctor, Dr. Roopashree, my sis, she didn't even spare the needle - an intra-muscular tetanus injection in a disposable Dispovan syringe.
           Another incident happen last Sunday when P, a friend of mine, sought bike lessons from me. I was elated and decided to help him, after all it would be easy since he knew how to ride a scooter. So, we started I thought him how to shift gears, when what gear was warranted etc, etc., He found it hard to press the breaks and bring the bike to a complete halt, everything else he did fine ( of course, I could hear the quite sobs of my gear box, due to the thud, boom, bang caused initially by P). Anyways, I decided to take him on the other side of the main road and show what flat smooth roads felt like. As we approached the main road, I advised him to slow down the bike and take a look before crossing the road. As P struggled press the breaks, I heard a series of beeps, too familiar I thought a Yamaha RX 100, thats it ! It was the RX 100, the bad news: we were on collision course. The Yam speeding on the main road, expecting no one on the main road, warned other vehicles of his approach through the beeps. Finally, P did manage to put the brakes, in a flash the Yam had changed course and moved to the right side of the road trying to pass us from behind, unfortunately the brakes negated that maneuver. And, we were nothing but a sitting duck on the road with the Yam headed straight for us, in that flash, I waited for the collision told God I was sorry for all the bad I had done. I really don't remember where he hit, but I remember crashing to my right, P already standing and apologizing profusely. Pedestrians/Good Samaritans lifted both bikes and took us aside. Surprisingly all of us could stand, and no one was seriously hurt. We dropped off  the bike at the service station, and were successful in hiding the bruises from our respective dear one. P's dear one cooked a fabulous Mangalore style chicken curry, C cooked the Ghee rice-the best Ghee rice I have ever eaten, and my mother made a great chicken roast in less than 30 minutes. I wondered if that super super  tasty lunch was more tastier because of the crash we escaped.
             Oh! I will be on my way to XL this june, wish me luck. Thank you in advanced for the wishes. And, if you know anybody who coming to India from the US and willing to get a laptop for me. Please contact me, I would be bery bery very grateful. Thanks.