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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What do you think of that?

In case you do not know who this is and who the hell put up a poster referring to him as God, don't bother. For those who want to know here goes; This is James Gosling, a god for many, and devil to some in the software universe. He created 'Emacs' a WYSIYG test editor, contributed greatly to the multi-processor version of UNIX. More importantly he was one of the forces behind Java. He wrote the original virtual machine and compiler almost all by himself. Java has grown out of its programming language costume into a technology.For many developers, like myself, it is providing our bread.

PS: This was a poster at the Sun Tech days recently concluded at Chennai.


Chandan R said...

Cool poster...
Did you get a chance to attend the Sun Tech days?
I am a great fan of Java for its power, completeness and simplicity.
But i am not a big fan of all the complex frameworks that are created around such technologies. They only serve the purpose of adding some more buzzwords to the already overflowing jargon.

Clickr said...

Sadly, I did not get a chance to visit the Tesch days. Hopefully next time.
I agree with you on the complex frmwork and all. The justification is that java is a technology and evry kind of developer should be able to use it. But, this makes it unneccesarily huge, and provides multiple ways to do the same thing. This could reduce the popularity of Java.