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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ravan and Eddie

Ganja told me he regretted he couldn't pick this up (due to a lack of space, his parents had banned him from getting more books home). I did and was thankful to his parents.
Ravan and Eddie is a story about two boys growing up in a chawl, in Bombay. Both Ravan and Eddie grow up in homes where Mother plays a dominant role. Ravan is very interested in Kung-Fu and starts off practicing like Ekalavya because he cannot afford the classes. Eddie joins the local RSS Sabha attracted by the comics of Ramayana and Mahabarath. This is only the start of many adventures and struggles they go through as children. The experiences are something most of us can relate to.
Mr. Nagarkar has given a deep insight into the different families living in the Chawl and how they deal/ignore their problems. The book is filled with humour at the same time revealing stark reality. The author's ability to get into a child's mind must be applauded. He has good eye for detail and exhibits great skill in wording erotica. Though the end is disappointing it is a good, hilarious read.

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Mukka said...

I've been hunting for this book for months. Did you buy it first hand? Premier never had it whenever I went to redeem my KQA cxoupons :(

Clickr said...

Ganja chanced upon a new second-hand book shop next to KC Das, Church street. Was able to pick up a copy of "English, August" too. Planning to put a trip this Sat.

Rajat said...

Hmmm. Sounds good. Have to look for it.