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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Where have I been ?

I been out for long. Many changes have come my way and I have not been able make time to share it with you guys.
I have worked hard and put out my set of photographs on a brand new photoblog. Have a look and leave comments.

My company is going through a rough patch, so, it has abandoned many of its assets. Real estate, products and more importantly people. My friend and colleague Sunil had to leave too. He is now happy with a cool company, who gave him a laptop and a plum pay cheque.

My ex-classmate and friend Pi has joined P*a*a*i as a graphic designer. I am sure he will do well, he has got good creative talent and a little hard work will take hime far.

Another friend of mine, Jello, has joined Manthan services. After a year long device-driver-programming stint in Wipro, Jello has decided to head in a new career direction of Market research. I wish him well.

I have a newfound admiration for 'Thermal and a Quarter', a band from my city, Bangalore. Now, I have seen these guys since 1999, a time when they hadn't quite foun d their sound. They have a brand new album now and the sound is great! Whats more, they even completed a tour to UK. Good going guys!
PS: A little known fact I used to live opposite to Rajeev's place (Taaq drummer).

Books & Movies I have completed recently.
Adventures of Feluda - Satyajit Ray
A curious incident about a dog in the night - Marc Haddon
The great indian novel - Shashi Tharoor

Finding forrester
Remember the Titans (again)
About a boy
Dead poets society (again)

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Saturday Night Takeout said...

You could have called me a friend too, dumbass :P

Hehe. Paai. Now must try to figure out what "hard work" is.

Dude, TAAQ's chaaineese item. Funny funny :)