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Monday, November 27, 2006

An amazing idea!

It is true when you searching the whole world for ideas to increase literacy, one is sit right there in front of you. Please check out PlanetRead. Planet Read is supported by (a humanitarian initiative by Google). It aims at increasing literacy by telecating TV programming with subtitles in local languages. The good thing is it really works and has also contributed upto 15% is the viewership rating of the sub-titled program. The brilliant thing is that it costs 1$ to giving reading practice to 10,000 people. Kudos to Cornell educated Dr. Brij Kotari. Larry Brilliant the executive director of has also given an interview. I need to contribute! So do you.

PS: Interestingly, Larry Brilliant was hired by Dev Anand to play an extra in the famous "Dum maro Dum" video!

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