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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


When the Hunted becomes the Hunter, Walk
Of village and adventure, Walk
Of unfilled urns, Walk
Of imbalanced accounts, Walk
Of Juniors night and Maxi Bazaar, Walk
Of Gripe and Grax, Walk
Of Dadus and Bishu da, Walk
Of Bodhi and Cactus, Walk
Of Gradedrop and LTop, Walk
Of an open bar and seven course meals, Walk
For Newly Committeds, Walk
For Wet nights and Omaxi, Walk
For Dunks and Bunks, Walk
For CPs - Arbit and Desperate, Walk
For Ghissus and A-Poses, Walk
For Fraxers and Prayers,Walk
For Well calls and signouts, Walk

Life @ XL, Walk

[This project is evolving, feel free to leave your suggestions]


Anonymous said...
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JerryKantrell said...

Hey man,

Nice going with your blog.