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Friday, October 27, 2006

Solaris Nevada OS

I got myself a generous helping of Solaris Nevada (build 46) OS and like they say in the McDonald's ad "I am loving it". In case you have no clue what Nevada is, go here. I was suprised with the nice Look and feel it offers, compared to the older releases it is a relief. Whats more I was able to attach my camera to it and download pics. Cool!
Now, I am not an advanced user (like the majority of the people), and the small things like the ease of use is what matters (first impressions are lasting, remember). It is good to see that the Solaris folks are addressing usability issues while adding  advanced features, cause time and again Apple has proved that usability is the key to good business. Kudos, to the design folksOSDir has some screenshots for you to see here.  Look here for one of them.

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