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Monday, October 30, 2006

To memorise is Human, to document is Divine

I was working to compile and execute fastDNAml a really smart Bio-App. Something that me and Prem ( a colleague and a friend ) had done before, and I assumed that the steps were too simple to write down "Come on, any fool can remember these steps", I remember saying. I generally desist making such grandiose statements because I know saying such things is just tempting fate. And, Fate is one lady you do not want to tempt ( yeah, I have learnt it the hard way). Getting back to what I was saying, all I had to do was to compile this simple app and run it with some test data. I kept getting silly errors, saying " could not connect to child proc", "unable to find xxx", each of which I distinctly remember solving the first time around. As it turns out I am a fool, a big one in fact. It was a deja vu as I ploughed through each and every hurdle and finally got it to run. If only I had documented I wouldn't spent half a day, yes HALF a day trying to get it to run again. Hence the saying "To memorise is Human, to document is Divine".

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Anonymous said...

I like that quote. :-)

Clickr said...

Hey it is llicensed under FreeBSD.