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Monday, December 04, 2006

Contemparory Indian cricket

The Indian cricket team lost a crucial one day international. Again! The Indian Cricket team's form takes a nose dive every time they play abroad. The fact is they are too used to playing on slow spinning tracks, similar to the kind available at home. More importantly most of players in the current team, lack commitment. Loosing on the bouncy and fast tracks because of the lack of exposure to them at least can be understood, if not condonable. But, the morons didnt even put up a fight with the exception of a few lower order batsmen none of the others tried to keep their wicket. The way many of the top order batsmen got out was laughable. It is obvious that the Indian cricket team filled with over-confident, self-centered, greedy, arrogant fools who do not care about the team.
Examining the individual batting performances, one sees a blatant lack of commitment. Jaffer, Sehwag, Tendulkar, Karthick and Dhoni threw their wickets away, perhaps they were giving catch practice to the slip fielders. This is not an isolated case, but an exercise from the previous matches. I wonder how long will it take for the batsmen to realise that they have getting out in a similar fashion for the past two innings, make that three. The ever persistent South African bowling line up, studded with stars like Shaun Pollock and Ntini, bowled accurately and the Indians promptly gave in. Barring Irfan Pathan (he should be bowling though) and Rahul Dravid the Indian batting lineup is in shambles.
The bowling attack (sorry, make that lineup, 'attack' is far to strong) is in a sorry state. Ajit Agarkar, the supposed fast bowler, has lost his ability to bowl his one and only lethal weapon, the off cutter. For a long time he has been hole in the bowling attack. Irfan Pathan, the erstwhile wonderboy, has lost his vigour, if I were him I would take pages out of Zaheer Khan's book. Zaheer Khan, who had been out of the team for various reasons, has come back to form by working hard at county cricket.
In all there is more to it than that meets the eye. All the fat slobs (read players in the team) in cricket have paid bribes to the selectors and they obviously expect to be in the team despite their pathetic form. Some very talented players like Vijay Bharadwaj, even after having proved his worth, has been forced to give up cricket. I feel very dejected looking at the sad state of affairs, I can only hope that some sane person gets to head the BCCI.

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