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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Things are up and running @ BOJUG

So, we have got things going on BOJUG. We are planning a meeting soon. In case, you want to get involved. Please visit us and join in. This is a image mosaic, generated for me. It is a really cool site. Give it a try, usually images with a lot of contrast make good image mosaic. I am sure Pi will dig this.


Krishna said...

Hi Jeevan,

Thanks for the invitation. i will join the group. I am moderating one website for Java..please look into it .

Krishna Srinivasan

Anonymous said...

Freaking sexy. I dig it :) Fotoomosaics, yeeha.

[My link's wrong though :( ]

Anonymous said...

I am interested in attending the BOJUG meeting. I suppose if we join the mailing list we will be informed of the next meeting.

I don't think you remember me. I was one of the campus ambassadors to whom you gave a small presentation on java the other day in divyashree chambers.

Clickr said...

@Anand: Of course, here is the link to join the mailing list.
Hope to see you there,