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Friday, October 27, 2006

Performancing 1.3 on Firefox 2.0 dont like Beta Blogger ?

I had the same problem. I did download Firefox 2.0 as soon as it was made available.I got Performancing 1.3 to go along with it, to start blogging of course. Unfortunately, Blogger didnt seem to be picking up my blog. After hours of googling and trying to add the account on performancing I could not log in to Blogger at all!
                          I finally found a way out. Here are the steps.
Step 1: Click on the 'Launch Account Wizard' button. This will open a wizard. ( duh!)
Step 2: Click on the 'Manually Configure' button. Click Next.
Step 3: When the wizard asks you 'Which Bloggin service you want to add?' Select 'Custom Blog' from the drop down. Click Next.
Step 4: Select the Blog system type to be 'Blogger API' and give '' as the Server URL. Click Next.
Step 5: Give your google account credentials.
Step 6: Select the blogs.
Step 7: Enjoy posting!

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Lalbadshah said...

Performancing 1.3??? whats that? do i need it for Blogger?

Yet to download FF 2.0 .. any better than the old?

Clickr said...

Firefox 2.0 is definitely better than 1.5 because of many features ( like individual tabs have close buttons, nice 3D look and feel) . Performancing is a plugin to firefox. It allows you to blog from you browser itself. Do try it.